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Tonight’s Beauty
Saturday, December 3, 8:41pm


After taking a few months off from posting, I thought I’d start once again with this awesome sunset from this evening.  It kept getting better and better.  Truly a feast for the eyes.  Keep checking for new blogs and updates on the farm!

Making Hay
Monday, June 20, 11:38am

Hay Day

It’s a beautiful day on the farm.  Beautiful sky, beautiful breeze.  Time to make hay.

My Kitchen Table
Saturday, February 5, 7:31pm

Currently my kitchen table

I guess you could say I love to knit, or knitting is a passion of mine.  Always have to have more than one project going at a time.  It doesn’t matter what season, I knit winter, spring, summer, fall.  Thank you to my stepgrandmother for teaching me and showing me my first knit 1, purl 2 so many years ago.



Picking up where I left off. . . .
Wednesday, January 19, 10:03pm

Tubular Scarf Project

Finally getting going again on my scarf project using our very own sportweight yarn “Egg Nog” a pure delight to work with – it glows, it’s plush and has a wee bit of lanolin making hands feel soft.  Now ready to start fair isle.   Love this pattern & can’t wait to finish.  Keep posted for progress.  Yarn available online store & Etsy shop.  Choose cozy, timeless wool – never a disappointment!


First Pumpkin …. and it’s a beauty!
Sunday, August 15, 10:29pm

Nature’s Beauty

What a treasure.  Nature’s beauty & bounty at its best.  First official pumpkin this year.  A bit early maybe but a welcome  surprise.  There’s something about pumpkins that make you smile.  Fall is almost around the corner but take heed, there’s still a lot of summer left and we may even delight in an “Indian Summer.”

Easy, Breezy 4th of July
Sunday, July 4, 10:29pm

Today, 4th of July

Happy 4th everyone from Bridgette & the gang….. beautiful, lazy, easy, relaxing summer day.

Keep checking for new sportweight yarn that just arrived… 100 % Finnsheep in sable brown.


2021 NYS Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival
Tuesday, June 15, 10:13pm

Bluefaced Leicester

Festival is ON this year – October 16 & 17 … Just purchased my ticket – online ticket sales only!!!!  Go to site & follow directions to purchase…  Yippee!!

Happy Springtime. . .
Saturday, May 15, 8:51pm

Sweet Lilacs

Happy Spring everyone.  If I could send you the smell of the lilacs I would.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, I must say it is heavenly.  They are one of the reasons I moved back to the Northeast from Florida (besides rock walls).

On another note, be on the lookout for our new sportweight yarn in 100% Finnsheep wool.  I’m excited and can’t wait!  And, today all the sheep took to the pasture after being in barn for the long winter.  On happy day!

A Sapphire Blue Sky
Monday, February 22, 12:00pm

Yesterday’s winter sky…

Could not believe the sky color yesterday.  Didn’t know what to call it but then came up with “sapphire” blue.  Being a lover of the stone, it reminded me of its beautiful color.  So, even if you are not a fan of winter, how could you not love this photo.  Crisp white & blue with a poke of red.  It’s what winter is all about.

Winter’s Wool Coat
Monday, January 25, 9:54pm


Here’s our Anna… all warm and wooly and enjoying the cold temps.  Love her little legs poking out.


Our Holiday Photo with Bridgette
Saturday, December 26, 9:47pm

We love our amazing Bridgette

Here’s our Bridgette.  My everything dog.  She loves her life on the farm.  She runs, hunts, kisses the sheep, plays with branches, flips twine in the air, perches on the top step of the barn, & front steps looking out into the pasture for undesirables.  She’s smart, friendly, listens, is affectionate and is my loyal companion.  Love her to the moon and back!  Happy Holidays everyone . . .

Milestone Day for Luke
Saturday, November 28, 10:16pm

Today is a milestone day for Luke.  Today is his birthday and he is 15 yes 15 years old.  Hard to believe.  He was Doug’s little shadow.  Followed him everywhere.  I remember the day we went to pick him out.  He was so small he fit in the palm of Doug’s hand.  A mere few weeks old.  We went back to get him when he was 8 weeks old and the rest is history.  Today he is enjoying laying on my robe in his little nook.  Can’t see or hear that well anymore but who cares.  Each new day is a blessing to have Luke in it.  We love you Lukie!

Happy Halloween and a goodbye to Ollie
Saturday, October 31, 8:44pm



Here’s Ollie, my always humble, gentle, sweet soul.  Always up for my antics.  Sadly, Ollie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July.  My gate greeter every morning.  I couldn’t write about Ollie until now.  His presence is sooo missed.  Certain ones steal your heart.  Ollie was one of them.  RIP Ollie.  I’ll never forget you.

This Photo Sums up Fall with Ye Olde Maple Tree
Monday, October 19, 10:10pm

Beautiful Fall

We have had a beautiful Fall.  Here’s a photo of one of our old maple trees.  Everyday was an ahh moment seeing these trees turn a tapestry of color.

This past weekend would have been the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival.  It was cancelled this year, went virtual instead.  It was very missed by one and all.  We can only hope next year’s festival (October 16 & 17, 2021) will be held in person.

So, although Fall is not over yet, we can still enjoy its colors whether in person or photo.


Everyday is National Dog Day!
Saturday, August 29, 9:23pm

Bridgette. . . our sunshine!

Here’s Bridgette, our English Shepherd.  She is my barn buddy, my loyal companion, my best friend.  Words can’t explain everything she adds to a day so to put it simply, we all love her to pieces and celebrate dog day everyday.  Let’s not forget our Dachshunds & Beagle – all who make our farm a happy place.

Choose Wool
Saturday, August 22, 10:16pm

The beauty of wool.

Choose wool and save the earth.  Choose wool, choose the world.  Wool is a breathing fiber that keeps your temperature regulated for warm or cold conditions.  Wool is odor resistant, renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, adds nutrients back into the soil and ocean and is naturally safe.

Pictured here are 7 of my wool yarns available online or Etsy shop.  Choose a color, choose a weight, choose a pattern and above all, choose the beauty of wool.


In Love with the Bluefaced Leicester
Sunday, August 9, 12:26pm

White Roving now available.


Check out our new product listing….Bluefaced Leicester Roving now for sale in 2 oz. balls.  It’s soft, it’s silky, it glows & it’s a dream to spin.  Ms. Erin’s wool is in limited quantities.  Treat yourself and be in awwww.

Work in Progress….
Thursday, July 23, 9:42pm

Knitting Fever

Hello everyone….that’s for sure, I’ve got knitting fever especially when I use our very own all wool blend heavenly yarn.  Pictured here is the beginning of a sweater using our NEW DK weight yarn, 250 yds, 4 oz. we named “Pewter.”  And, it’s available online & Etsy shop.  It’s not too early to start thinking Christmas gifts in July!



Happy 4th of July!
Thursday, July 2, 10:12pm

It’s that special holiday…. one that brings a smile to your face.  Be safe, enjoy & celebrate our freedom!


From Sheep to Shawl….. & Viola!
Sunday, June 21, 10:30pm

Here’s another finished handspun project.  First we start with the sheep,  here it’s Feebe, my Finnsheep, then we spin her roving then we knit a shawl.  Very pleased with the results…..Knitted on size 8 needle & using about 400 yards.  Nice & cozy & soft.  Natural color.  Can’t wait to cuddle up this winter….

Sneak Preview of Our 2 NEW Sensational YARNS!!
Tuesday, May 19, 9:29pm

Our 2 new beautiful yarns just arrived!!  On top bulky weight, 125 yards, 4 oz, 3 ply, a combination of Finnsheep & Border Leicester in charcoal gray we named “Twilight.”

Bottom yarn DK/worsted weight, 250 yards, 4 oz, 3 ply, a combination of Border Leicester, Bluefaced Leicester & Merino in medium gray we named “Pewter.”

Each yarn with its own beauty is sure to be a knitter’s delight.  Natural colors, all wool & soft as a cloud.

Both yarns soon to be in our store within the next few days.



My Beloved Meg – Happy Mother’s Day!
Friday, May 8, 9:12pm

Meg & Baby Lamb

Love this photo of my beloved Meg, a mom back in 2011.  What a terrific, caring mom she was of her little lambs.  I think of her so often & cherish those 12 years of moments we had together.  To all who mother, Happy Mother’s Day!

While staying at home….
Saturday, April 25, 2:00pm

Capelet using my dearest Meg

Hi everyone….  While staying at home due to the current conditions, I’ve been busy hand spinning and knitting.

Here’s a capelet I just finished with roving from my dearest Meg knitted with size 8 needles and using approximately 350 yards of yarn.  It was lots of fun to knit.  Now on to the next project!



My Mom’s Yarn
Sunday, March 8, 9:37pm

In Mom’s Memory

Here is a photo of a hat I knitted with yarn my mom bought 10 years ago.  She didn’t live long enough to use it so I just did in her memory.

I remember the day we went shopping for it and her starting a scarf but she didn’t get very far.  Recently, I found a pattern using varigated colors and I remembered this yarn!   Out came my stash of assorted wool yarns & low and behold it was there and I started knitting like crazy.

I think she would have loved this hat and would have worn it proud.

Sweet Peas
Monday, February 17, 9:15pm

Thump, thump goes my heart….

Here are my 2 sweet peas…Ellie Mae on left and Kasper on right.  Can’t get enough of these two.  Ellie Mae is a Bluefaced Leicester ewe lamb & Kasper is a Finn ram lamb.  Love them to pieces.

Winter Knitting….For the love of socks!
Monday, February 3, 8:53pm

Here is an example of one of my winter knitting projects.  Socks are knitted with our 100% wool sportweight yarn named “Egg Nog.”  I used 1 skein, size 2 needle.  This yarn knits up so, so pretty.   I’ve already started another project with the same yarn.  This time gloves and size 2 needle again.  I must be crazy but love small needles!!

Visit our online store to purchase yarn.


Winning with Meg at NYS Sheep & Wool Festival – 2019
Sunday, November 24, 11:31am

Meg’s winners

Here are this year’s ribbon winners for handspun yarn complements of my “quintessential” black sheep Meg.  She passed away last winter after 12 years of beautiful wool and companionship.  RIP sweet Meg, gone but never forgotten.  You were my favorite.



140th Grahamsville Little World’s Fair Winners
Saturday, September 14, 10:33pm

Blue Ribbon winner

Always a delight to participate in the Little’s World’s Fair in Grahamville, NY.  A picture perfect county fair that never disappoints.  Has a little bit of everything….food, rides, livestock competitions, craft competitions & much more.  Happy to bring home these ribbons and a special thank you to the Neversink Agricultural Society.


Our very first sport weight yarn is here!
Wednesday, August 7, 6:57pm

We are very excited to introduce our newest natural fiber yarn – a combination of Border Leicester wool, Mohair & Merino Top.  We named it “Egg Nog”  and it’s as yummy as its name.  Sheen, luster, softness & yardage….325 yards!!  Approximately 6 stitches per inch on size 2 needles.  Skeins are 3 ply, 4 ounces.  Perfect for socks, hats, shawls… you decide.  Now available  on our website.

Our Wool/Mohair Yarn

Mary Had A Little Lamb
Thursday, May 30, 8:56pm

On May 24, 2019 this sweet poem was 189 years old.  Written in 1830 by Sarah Josepha Hale it “hales” as one of our classic nursery rhymes today.  We thank little Sarah for giving us unforgetable words that will live on forever!

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us!
Sunday, May 12, 2:54pm

Mom and baby lamb

Here’s one of my favorite photos from 2011.  It just makes me smile.  The innocence, the caring,  protecting, nurturing  and proud feelings all sum up this photo of mom and baby lamb.  Have a wonderful day everyone.


Here’s Erin….coming in June!
Tuesday, April 30, 9:39pm

Erin will be our new Bluefaced Leicester ewe coming in June.  Also coming are 3 ewe lambs adding to our BFL flock.   Watch for up dates and photos…. I love this breed!!

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Passover from all of us…
Thursday, April 18, 7:28am

Happy Easter

My New Ashford Jumbo Flyer & Bobbin
Sunday, February 24, 12:09pm

So happy with my new Ashford Sliding Hook Flyer with Jumbo Bobbin!  Easily converted my Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel so no need to buy a new wheel!  Simple to install.  And, the stainless steel yarn guide makes for evenly filled bobbins.  As your bobbin fills, just squeeze and slide the yarn guide.

Able to spin 4 oz. skeins – no problem….highly recommended….

Happy Spinning!


Happy St. Distaff Day – January 7, 2019
Friday, January 4, 7:18pm


I know I’m a few days early but thought I’d post this photo and description so everyone can learn, attend spin-ins  and prepare for this fun day.

Let me tell you a little about it….. According to old English tradition St. Distaff Day was the 1st day after the 12 days of Christmas and the 1st Monday after the feast of Epiphany.  This marked the day women resumed their household chores which included spinning!  But, this day wasn’t all about work.  Mischievous young men would try to set fire to their flax or wool and in return, the ladies would retaliate by dousing pails of water on their heads!  In other words, it was a day for practical jokes & family fun.

So, all my fellow spinners….enjoy your day, spin till your hearts content but remember to keep a pail of water close by!!

Happy New Year- 2019
Sunday, December 30, 1:00pm

Hi everyone,

Just a little note to wish all of you a very happy, healthy, exciting, prosperous, peaceful new year.

I found this adorable vintage Christmas card which I thought was a perfect expression of bright and cheerful, fun and frolick wishes.

Here’s to new beginnings, new goals and new surprises.  For all of you who wanted to learn knitting, spinning, crocheting or whatever  what a great time to start.  And, being winter in many places a perfect time to take out the wooly yarn and create!  New yarns will be had next year and will be online and on Etsy.

For now, best wishes.

Gail from Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm & all the sheep!


Our little BFL Ram Lamb Frankie
Tuesday, November 6, 7:16pm


Here’s a little guy that makes me smile everyday.  He’s 6 months old now but still very tiny.  Cuteness personified!  Someday he’ll grow into those big ears.

Happy Halloween from Ollie and the Gang!
Tuesday, October 30, 10:03pm

Here’s our good sport Ollie sporting his pumpkin ears.  Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween.


NYS Sheep & Wool Festival – Another Fabulous Year!
Saturday, October 27, 8:34pm

The NYS Sheep and Wool Festival was last weekend.  What a wonderful event!  Blustery and very Fall-like it was a perfect day for walking the event booths and rows and rows of vendors while snuggling up in your cozy wool sweaters & hats!  One of my favorites is the display booth of different breeds of sheep.  There I got to see the Finnsheep and Bluefaced Leicester among many others.

Pictured here are the ribbons I won for handspun yarn.  Left to right are Meg, singles, Evie, singles, Jasper, 2 ply and Anna, 2 ply.

As always, I am delighted and excited about my winnings this year.  On to next year – October 19, 2019!


Meet Bridgett – our new English Shepherd farm buddy
Friday, August 31, 9:05pm


Our newest addition to the farm is our English Shepard, Bridgett.  Now 4 months old.  What a fabulous dog & companion she is.  The breed was brought to America by English and Scottish settlers.  The name Bridgett is Scottish meaning strength, power, fire & poetry.  Slowly being introduced to our sheep, she will be a perfect guardian for them.  We love her.


Happy 4th of July from Ollie & the Gang!
Friday, June 29, 10:16pm

Happy 4th everyone.  Wishing you a safe, fun-filled holiday celebrating our nation’s independence.   Keep cool, keep all your critters hydrated with plenty of water – it’s going to be a scorcher.  Now on to the BAA-b-que!

Ready to party!


Our soon to be new breed…the Bluefaced Leicester
Tuesday, June 12, 9:48pm

Hi everyone!

Very excited to be adding the Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) to our flock of sheep.  Fell in love with this breed at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival.   Arriving at the end of August are 3 ewes and and 1 ram lamb from a farm in Vermont.  So….it looks like we’ll be breeding this fall for the first time in 6 years!  The BFL’s are known for their curly, fine, lustrous fleece, roman nose and distinct blue tone skin.

Stay posted for more updates and pictures!

Little ewe lamb



Happy Earth Day!!
Sunday, April 22, 1:30pm

Our all natural batting

Hi Everyone!

I thought a great way to celebrate this special day is with a blog of our all natural 100% Border Leicester wool batting.  Warm & snuggley.  A perfect stuffing for quilts, pillows, comforters, throws.  Available in assorted sizes.  Shop online or Etsy store.  CHOOSE WOOL….it biodegrades in soil & sea water, adds nutrients back to the earth…and is a renewable & sustainable natural fiber.

Have a great day!

From all of us at the farm




Happy Easter. . . Happy Spring!
Thursday, March 29, 10:08pm

Here’s our Ollie looking a lot like the Easter bunny.   What a good sport to pose in those “big ears.”  His personality certainly shines through in this photo.

Could spring finally be here?  Only on the calendar these days.  Still cold and gray but that brutal winter is behind us so it’s only warm and green from here.

Ollie…the sheep bunny

All of us at Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm wish you a Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Happy Spring….hippity hop!


New Arrival – All Natural 100% Wool Finnsheep Yarn – Worsted/Aran Weight
Sunday, February 25, 7:21pm

We are all very excited about our newest yarn addition.  Our all natural Finnsheep wool we call “Cafe Mocha” because of its soft brown tones and creamy white highlights.  Extremely soft and a dream to work with.  Definitely a luxurious yarn for all levels of knitting, crocheting or crafting.  Skeins are 200 yards, 4 ounces, & 3 ply.  Gauge is approximately 4 – 41/2 stitches per inch on size 8 needle.

All Natural Finnsheep Yarn in Cafe Mocha

Treat yourself to a cafe mocha – a fine, exceptional yarn.  To order shop our online store.





Happy Valentine’s Day!!
Wednesday, February 14, 8:45pm

Hello everyone!  We here at Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day that’s filled with love, happiness, chocolates, flowers, & more love.

Wool ewe be mine???



Our Lilly
Saturday, January 27, 8:01pm

Our Lilly Belle

Time to pay homage to our farm family matriarch Lilly who is 12 years old.  She’s a one in a million Black Welsh beauty.  In fact, she’s our very first Black Welsh that we purchased so many years ago.  I remember that day so well, traveling up to a farm in Utica, NY.  We picked her out among a room full of ewes.  A great mom to Taffline, Winny and Tegan, and a loyal companion to all of us humans and her sheepmates.  Now, living out her golden years on the farm.  We love you Lilly!!

Happy New Year!
Saturday, January 6, 3:18pm

Happy 2018 everyone!  Here’s hoping your new year is bright and shining just like the moon over the barn!

Whatever your wishes and goals are this year, may you achieve great success and satisfaction.  For those of you who do not knit, why not try?  Spin, why not try?  Weave, why not try?  Actually anything that you’ve been dreaming of doing or creating you can achieve!

New Year’s Eve Moon over Barn

Best wishes,

From all of us at Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm!


Our Sweet Charlotte…..Already for Christmas!
Sunday, December 17, 7:03pm

Our Christmas Charlotte

Here is an adorable photo of my lamb Charlotte wearing her red plaid scarf looking very festive.  What a patient girl she was as I fiddled with that scarf every which way, trying to tie a perfect bow than having her pose.  (The hay was a good incentive!).

Wishing all a joyous Christmas filled with peace, love, good will, and happiness this season and throughout the coming year!


4th Annual Dickens on the Delaware, Callicoon, NY
Sunday, December 10, 2:45pm

Another great year and what a festive tradition for Callicoon.   Steeped in the holiday spirit and looking like a page out of Charles Dickens the town steps back in time and turns into a Dickens winter wonderland.  And we did indeed have snow yesterday.  There were lots of vendors, activities and joy in the air!  Always a fun event & looking forward to next year already!

That’s me enjoying Dickens Day!

Our Mascot Willy
Friday, November 17, 6:47pm

Just took this photo of our Willy.  Chuckled a lot.  He is a real sweetheart, lovable, affectionate and a ham for photos. He’ll be 10 years old next year.

Our Willy

The photo in the above banner is also Willy but a much younger one.  He was first born on the farm to Maggie, our first sheep that we bought at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival in 2007.  My how time flies.  Keep on going Willy…we all love you to pieces!!

Handspun Winners at 2017 NYS Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival
Thursday, October 26, 8:16pm

Love sheep….love to spin!!  A special thank you to my Finnsheep Annabelle and Border Leicester Jasper and their beautiful dreamy fleece.  Without them – no ribbons!  Very pleased to have won in the skein competition 2nd and 5th place ribbons compliments of Jasper for all wool single ply handspun yarn and 3rd place all wool single ply handspun yarn compliments of my Finnsheep Annabelle.

Handspun Winners – thank you Jasper & Annabelle!

Super fun jewelry class at 2017 Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival
Saturday, October 21, 2:45pm

Had to share my new spinning technique.  It’s handspun wire core yarn.  At yesterday’s class, we created batts with our own color schemes.  We were then taught how to use jewelry wire as a core to handspin our carded roving over the wire.  What fun & what endless possibilities for jewelry making!  I can see already I’ll be buying lots of wire for this new spinning technique!

My handspun wire core yarn for jewelry making!

This Year’s Winners at the 2017 Grahamsville Little World’s Fair
Sunday, October 8, 11:08am

Hi Everyone,

Very excited about these two sweaters both hand knitted by me with our very own Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm yarn!

The sweater on the left is knitted with our Border Leicester 100% wool worsted weight and the sweater on the right is knitted with our bulky Finnsheep mohair blend.  Both sweaters were a joy to knit and….both yarns are available to buy on our website and Etsy store.

Why not start your Christmas gifts now with hand made creations using our natural color, super soft, luxurious yarns!

Hand knits my me and Blue Ribbon winners!




Summer’s splendor of 2017
Saturday, August 19, 1:58pm

Here is a beautiful photo of our Olie lounging in the tall grass, enjoying the sun in front of the lush, green hillside.  Summer is quickly fading but only in our thoughts.  Getting ready for fall festivals and its boundless beauty.  Join me on 9/3/17 at Bethel Woods Alpaca Festival from 11-4PM.  Shop your favorite wool novelties, lotions & Christmas ornaments.  Yes Christmas!  Happy rest of summer to everyone!

Our Olie enjoying the sun & scenery!


Meet Charlotte….our new ewe Finnsheep lamb!
Friday, July 7, 8:17pm

Here’s our little Charlotte eating out of my hand already!  She’s our newest member to the farm flock.  Her name means little & womanly and you can believe this lamb is already independent, sociable, affectionate and adorable!  Stay tuned and watch her grow up on the farm!

Lovely Charlotte

Lovely Charlotte

Our sweet little cupid!
Saturday, February 11, 9:27am

Our Sadie helping her friends at fundraiser!

Sadie helping her friends at fundraiser!

Here’s are sweet little Sadie posing at a fundraiser for a local animal shelter, Rocky’s Refuge.

Don’t forget to check out our new yarns on our shopping page….new worsted and bulky weights.  Dreamy to knit, crochet or anything with.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

It’s 2017…Happy, Happy New Year from all of us on the farm!
Sunday, January 1, 1:31pm


Loved this picture of our white barn against this brilliant blue sky.  It is a beautiful first day of the new year in upstate New York.  We wish all of you a happy and healthy New Year bringing you all of life’s best wishes.

Looking forward to new projects, new ideas & new determination!


It’s Christmas Eve…..not a creature was stirring…
Saturday, December 24, 8:42pm

Here’s are little Sadie with Santa at a fundraiser for an animal rescue shelter called Rocky’s Refuge in Roscoe, NY.   All of us at Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm wish you peace, joy, love and happiness.  Merry Christmas!

Sadie Milady with Santa

Sadie Milady with Santa

Another great year at Rhinebeck!
Thursday, November 10, 9:03pm

So happy with this year’s ribbons won at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival.  Pictured here are my hand spun yarn entries with my Border Leicester and Finnsheep wool – entries in both natural colors and hand dyed.  Thank you my Meg & Peppermint!  It was a great festival.  I took 2 classes – one in willow basket weaving and the other in weaving on a circle loom.  Both were very good with excellent instructors.   As always, can’t wait until next year!

This year's hand spun yarn ribbons!

This year’s hand spun yarn ribbons!


Look at our new wool/mohair blend yarn!
Friday, July 29, 9:41pm

Silky soft & lustrous..our new Finnsheep wool & mohair blend yarn in “Silver Pearl.”  Named for its beautiful shining pewter color with pearl highlights.  Simply a dream to knit, crochet or anything with!  To purchase shop our online store.

Our very own Finnsheep/Mohair blend yarn

Our very own Finnsheep/Mohair blend yarn

Me….loving my sheep!
Sunday, May 15, 2:40pm

Love my girls and guys!

Here is a picture of me with my girls and guys!  Spending quality time giving hugs and kisses!  Pictured here are some of my Finnsheep & Border Leicesters.

Meet Sadie Milady – Our new Beagle puppy!
Sunday, January 31, 4:55pm

New to our farm and family our 8 week old Beagle puppy.  We named her Sadie – and Milady – well just went perfect together! She is a handful and loves our Dachshunds.  They on the other hand are a bit weary.  They forgot what it was like to be a puppy. She loves being outdoors and this winter is perfect for raising a puppy.  Stay in touch for more photos as Sadie explores the world for the first time!

Miss Sadie milady!

Miss Sadie Milady!

Welcome to Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm Sadie Milady!

Happy New Year 2016!
Friday, January 1, 9:13pm

All of us at Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm wish you a Happy New Year!  May 2016 be a year of joy & prosperity. May you learn new things and shine at what you do!  Pictured here is my collection of silver bells – 25 years of collecting starting with my first bell given to me as a gift in 1990.   I thought this was an appropriate picture to “ring” in the New Year!


A Great Day at Dickens on the Delaware!
Sunday, December 13, 12:28pm

What a wonderful event in Callicoon!  The Victorian era came alive at the Western Hotel and streets of town!  This was the 2nd Annual Dickens and truly a day to remember.  Can’t wait for next year!  Thank you to everyone who organized and donated to this magical event.




Another fantastic Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival – 10-17-15
Saturday, October 31, 8:20pm

Hi everyone!

Well, it was another fantastic Sheep & Wool Festival at Rhinebeck.  On Thursday I went to a felting class, Friday I went to turn in my competitions & stroll the fairgrounds watching everybody set up and Sunday we went back to take it all in.

Pictured here are the ribbons I won this year for hand spun yarn.  Roving complements of my Border Leicester sheep Meg & Jasper.  Dyed skeins are also Border Leicester dyed on the farm & lastly an Alpaca hand spun.

Needless to say, I can’t wait until next year!  Only 50 more weeks to go!


Ribbons I won for hand spun yarn

Callicoon Art Walk – Sat 10/10 – 12-8PM
Friday, October 9, 9:10pm

Get your “Little Neck” Christmas tree ornaments at the Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm table.  Shop all our warm, woolly products – hand knits, yarn, dryer balls, insoles – all 100% wool of course!  Also Lambkin’s lanolin skin products.


Little Neck Christmas Tree Ornaments


Alpaca Festival at Bethel Woods
Saturday, September 5, 4:05pm

For a fun-filled family day come to the Alpaca Festival at Bethel Woods (Woodstock site) Sunday 9/6 from 11-4PM & shop the Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm table for all our products – yarn, insoles, dryer balls, hand knits, Lambkin’s Lanolin creams.  Also, new products for the 1st time!!  Spinning demo by me all day long!!  Stop by & introduce yourself….


Flower of hand dyed 100% wool yarn with dryer ball!

Meet our new 3 month old Finn lambs…. Anna and Alli
Monday, August 17, 7:29pm

Look who just arrived!  Our new 3 month old Finn lambs named Anna and Alli. We went to pick up Alli (baa baa black sheep) and couldn’t resist the badger face lamb.  Her colors are amazing!  I can’t wait to spin her fleece next year.  The Finnsheep have been a wonderful edition to our flock of Border Leicesters and Black Welsh Mountain Sheep.  Not only do they have a beautiful soft fleece but they are like having puppy dogs around.  They are warm and affectionate and love to nibble your finger tips!  Stay in touch for more pictures of little Anna and Alli as they venture out into our world at Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm!


Why not try spinning this summer?
Sunday, May 31, 8:13pm


Hand spinning – the perfect summer project to learn.  Spinning outdoors (or indoors) is a wonderful way to relax. Become one with your wheel and experience the feel of the fiber going through your fingers.  It is mesmerizing!   Here at Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm we have beautiful roving that hand spinners just adore.  Pictured here is our natural white Border Leicester roving.  This roving dyes beautifully and can also be used for felting and craft projects.  Priced at $2.50/oz.  Pick up at the farm or shop our online store or Etsy shop.

Baa Baa Little Black Lamb…..
Tuesday, May 26, 10:06am


So excited about our newest addition to our flock.  Coming to our farm in July our new little pure black Finnsheep lamb….Pictured here on her birthday on May 6, 2015.

NEW Border Leicester Yarn – 100% Wool Skeins
Saturday, April 11, 9:11am

SO EXCITED to offer the beautiful yarn compliments from our Border Leicester flock of sheep!  200 yards, 3 ply, 4oz skeins.  Light worsted weight (DK), 5-6 stitches per inch on size 6 needle.  Yarn is all natural, very soft and dreamy to the touch.  Perfect for dying your favorite colors!  Time to start crafting, knitting and crocheting everyone!  To order visit our product page.  Any questions, please email me.

Shearing Day!
Friday, March 6, 10:39am

Well, it’s that time of year and a little bit late due to the frigid weather we have been having.

A special thank you to Nancy who shears my sheep every year and does a wonderful job.  Pictured here is Nancy with our mascot Willy getting a good haircut or “wool cut.”

It takes the sheep a few days to get used to being “wool less” but it triples my space in the barn.  Amazing how much footage each sheep takes with a full wool coat!

Warm regards to all,




Happy New Year from your warm, wooly friends at Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm!
Wednesday, February 11, 7:08pm

Winter Grazing

The New Year is already heading into mid February.  Hope everyone is having a warm, cozy winter and the knitting needles are working away at creating lots of hats, gloves and mittens galore!!  I’ve been busy knitting Christmas ornaments!!  Also looking ahead to Rhinebeck 2015 and the competitions!!

Stay warm and best wishes for a happy, healthy and productive year!!!



2014 NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, Rhinebeck, NY
Wednesday, November 5, 7:06pm

The NYS Sheep and Wool Festival has come and gone.  It is the most fabulous weekend.  Kind of like my Christmas.  I always enter my hand spun yarn and hand knitted garments in the competitions.  This year was the highlight for me.  My FIRST BLUE RIBBON for hand spun yarn!!  Something I’ve been striving for and many years in the making.  Since I am a self-taught spinner this blue ribbon was an accomplishment beyond  belief!  The fleece was from my favorite ewe Meg.  She is a Border Leicester and has the most beautiful roving to spin.  And, her natural color is gorgeous!  I love you Meg!!

Aside from my personal achievements, the festival was terrific.  I took a hand carding class on Sunday which was very good and of course the vendors were great not to mention the inspiration and knowledge gained!  Looking forward to next year already.

Alpaca Day News
Wednesday, October 1, 12:36pm

Great day at Alpaca Day.  Thank you Buck Brook Alpacas for hosting this great event.  I enjoyed spinning and answering lots of questions!

Welcome to The Wooly Blog!
Friday, September 26, 1:41pm

Hello, and welcome to The Wooly Blog! We’ve been giving the website a bit of an upgrade, and what better addition than a place to share pictures and stories from here on the farm, along with updates on new products, specials, and more! So be sure to check in regularly!

Our very own Border Leicester wool yarn!
My swirl hat blue ribbon winner at Grahamsville
4th place ribbon for hand knit mittens
4th place ribbon for 100% wool hand knit pullover