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Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm specializes in fine wool products. From our flock we offer raw fleece, roving and hand-spun yarn.  Specialty products include 100% wool dryer balls and 100% wool insoles.  Both products come in black and white.  Black from our flock of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep and white from our Border Leicesters. No dyes or fragrances are used. 

Try our line of Lambkins Lanolin Skin Care products made with lanolin (the natural oil found on sheep’s wool) and natural oils. Product line includes fragrance free body lotion, facial cream, lip balm, lotion bars and facial scrub made with European Spa Salt.  Our new hand salve comes fragrance free or with 100% certified natural bitter almond oil.

All products are hand-crafted on the farm and can be purchased through our online store.

Cashgora (Cashmere/Angora) Roving – 4 oz.
$16.00 USD

Finnsheep Raw Fleece – A Rainbow of Natural Colors – 8 oz.
$28.00 USD

Border Leicester Raw Fleece-Natural Color – 8 oz.
$20.00 USD

100% Border Leicester Wool Batting – Crib Size
$28.00 USD

Hand Spun Finnsheep Lamb’s Wool- 2 oz. skeins
$8.00 USD

100% Border Leicester Wool Batting-Lap Size
$38.00 USD

All Natural Finnsheep 100% Wool Yarn
$15.00 USD

Core Spun Border Leicester Wool Bump
$85.00 USD

Finnsheep and Mohair Blend Yarn in Maple Frost/4 oz/Bulky Weight
$17.00 USD

Border Leicester Washed Locks-2oz.
$6.00 USD

Hand Crafted "Little Willy" Ornaments
$8.00 USD

Lambkin’s Little Neck Hand Knit Ornaments
$10.00 USD

100% Wool Felt Insoles
$12.00 USD

100% Border Leicester Wool Batting-1 lb.
$24.00 USD

Border Leicester Natural White Raw Fleece – 8 oz.
$13.00 USD

Border Leicester 100% Wool Yarn-Worsted Weight
$15.00 USD

Finnsheep Wool and Mohair Blend Yarn – All Natural-Worsted Weight
$17.00 USD

Lambkin’s Salty Sheep Facial Scrub – All Natural – Fragrance Free – (7 oz.)
$11.00 USD

Lambkin’s Baa Balm for Lips (1/2 oz.)
$5.00 USD

Lambkin’s Lanolin Hand Salve- All Natural – Fragrance Free (1-1/4 oz.)
$6.50 USD

Lambkin’s Lanolin Hand Salve with 100% Natural Bitter Almond Essential Oil (1-1/4 oz.)
$6.50 USD

Lambkin’s All Natural Lanolin Cream with Organic Lavender Oil Fragrance (1.5 oz)
$12.00 USD

Lambkin’s Lanolin Body Lotion-All Natural-Fragrance Free (3.5 fl. oz.)
$14.00 USD

Lambkin’s Lanolin Cream-All Natural-Fragrance Free-Handmade-Body-Face-Hands (1.5 oz)
$12.00 USD

Lambkin’s Baa Bar – Lanolin Hard Lotion Bar
$11.00 USD

100% Wool Dryer Balls (2 pack)
$12.00 USD

Border Leicester Natural Cream Colored 100% Wool Yarn-DK Weight
$15.00 USD

Natural White Border Leicester Wool Roving (4 oz)
$10.00 USD

Natural Colored Border Leicester Wool Roving
$3.00 USD

Lambkin’s Gift Certificate
$25.00 USD

We also accept email and phone orders, and Our products can be found on our Etsy Store.