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Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm is nestled in the lush, rolling hills of the Beechwoods in Callicoon, NewYork, the Sullivan County Catskills. We are surrounded by dairy farms and just minutes from Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center, the Delaware River and Pennsylvania.

We raise Border Leicester, Black Welsh Mountain and Finnsheep.  All of our sheep are raised for yarn and quality wool products.  Each fleece with its own special uniqueness and quality is a hand spinner’s delight!

The Border Leicester breed was founded in England in 1767.  It was George Washington who first introduced into the United States the English Leicester, one of the three distinct breeds of the Leicester sheep at his Mount Vernon home.   The 1920 census lists 767 purebred Border Leicesters in the United States and by the 1990’s there were well over 200 purebred flocks in the U.S. and Canada.   Distinct features include the arched Roman nose and long ears.  Their wool is long and lustrous with well defined “pencil” locks with pearled tips ending in a small curl that usually measures 6″-10″ after 12 months of growth.  For more information visit the American Border Leicester website at

The Black Welsh Mountain Sheep have been bred for centuries by the Welsh monks.  In 1973, 3 rams and 13 ewes were introduced into North American flocks.  The Black Welsh are also found in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  They are a sold black breed with a short, thick, durable fleece that does not require dying.  Their wool averages 2.5 – 5.5 pounds per fleece.  Black Welsh are small, easy to handle and make a perfect hobby farm sheep.  For more information visit

The Finnsheep breed is considered to be several hundred years old, descending from the Mouflan that live on Scardinia and Corsica.  The Finnsheep were first imported to North America in 1966.  Renowned to be prolific breeders producing multiple births, the Finnsheep normally lamb triplets and quadruplets.  They are excellent mothers and are very friendly.  Their fleece is soft and lightweight with a beautiful luster that averages 5-6 lbs.  For more information visit

From our flock we offer raw fleece, roving and hand-spun yarn that range in natural colors from pearly to antique white, charcoal to misty gray, sable brown with strands of gray highlights and pure midnight black.

So excited – just arrived our very own 100% wool natural fiber yarn compliments of our Border Leicester sheep in dreamy, creamy white.  Visit our products page to purchase from our Etsy shop.

Hand spun yarn in natural colors
My sweet Meg
My 1st place hand knit gloves at NYS Sheep & Wool Festival, Rhinebeck, NY
1st place ribbon for hand spun yarn compliments of my sweet Meg
Our very own 100 % Border Leicester our Etsy store!
Here's Peppermint...our 1st Finnsheep!